Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Unique Icons



Awesome Icons 4 U

Here are yet some more beautiful Unique icons which will surely enhance your Blog or Website ....

Since I am an admitted Web Junkie , I am continually searching the web for some of the best Web Related content . I dont want to bring you what you can find in about 2,000 other sites out there . Therefore : I once again have found some truly beautiful Web Icons for you t download and enjoy . Hope you will like them as well :)

Icon Set # 1 Comes again from Valentina Olini , who creates some beautifully intricate designs . I believe that women will enjoy this set in particular .
Here is just one of the 3 Icons included in this package ( the icons range in size , however: They are big ! the one below measures 480px W-x- 450px H . Once you download them , upload them to your own Image Host , you can resize them to suit your taste :


  • Which you can Get Here

This next set of Icons were found @ PS Herjern.com and I believe that many of you will find them useful for your page / Website , as they are E-Mail Icons . These are quite useful if you do not wish to Publicly & Openly display your e-mail address for the entire Internet to get a hold of. Therefore , you can all thank PS Herjern.com for creating this beautiful set . They are nice and glossy :)

Below you can see an example of what the Icon pack consists of :


  • You can get these right Here

The following set comes once again from PS Herjern.com
It is a set of Beautiful glossy RSS icons which belong to the same style as the E-Mail Icons above . You can choose to download both of these sets so that you can have a matching set on your page . Enjoy :)


This is their original size below ( 200px W-x- 177px H ) ; which again, can be resized to suit your taste.


  • You can get these Here

This next set comes from a very talented Artist & Web Designer in Italy , and they are called Maxi-Icons . The designers home page can be accessed HERE
Here . I will post the icons for you to see , and I hope you find them as beautifully unique as I do . These are their original sizes .




They def are all beautiful and you can find them below :

  • Get them all Right Here

Hope you have enjoyed these , and I will catch you here next time with more Web Goodies , so stay tuned . In the meantime : keep smiling , Mootools & JQuery love you :)

{ Mia Zoe }.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dry Icons.com


Nothing "Dry" About This Site

Dry Icons.com has got to be one of "Thee Best Sites " which I had the pleasure of stumbling upon recently . These guys produce some of the best Web Related Designs out there on the cornerstone of the www. ! Like what you ask ? Well...let me tell you :

For starters : This site runs as smooth as Satin Sheets ! It loads as if it were an Ajax based site and that alone makes my Browser love them even more . Now aside from their beautifully smooth running site , these guys over @ Dry Icons possess skills at coding and a creativity to match those skills. I don't believe these guys ever stop creating & producing everything & anything Web related - it's like a bakery that keeps turning out muffins ! except in the case of Dry Icons its...yep , you guessed right : ICONS !

Dry Icons must definitely have every single Web Related Icon you will ever need ( whether you are a Web Designer , designing a personal Web Page or simply running a personal or biz Blog ) - these guys have left nothing out . I definitely remained on their site for 2 hours just going over everything and every time I went to the next page I was like " Ohh..this is NICE ! " . There was nothing on this well organized & splendidly designed site which I did not like ! Yes, there are many well designed sites out there such as Dry Icons you will say , however : This site is a Web design Site , fueled by individuals with a fervor for creating some of the best Web Related Content out there . However : what makes these guys over at Dry Icons even better is : Everything they do create is For You ! the User . Which simply means : Everything they create and offer on their site is ....yes -FREE ! .
* Dry Icons also gives you ( the user ) the Option of 'Purchasing a Commercial License' towards 2 of the Best Designed Templates I have seen thus far circulating out there on the www. !
The price of the License is peanuts ( in comparison to what the boys over at the Mighty Wordpress offer on most of their Templates ) . Now what I will tell you about these 2 Templates designed by those creative geniuses over at Dry Icons is this :

The 2 Templates being offered for Free ( along with the option of purchasing a Commercial License for both ) simply have got to be 2 of the most beautiful & elegant Themes I have seen out there . No, no, you have not seen a Theme like this . Aside from their elegant simplicity ( and lest we forget : Beauty lies in Simplicity ) , these 2 Themes (Stylissimo & Urbanism ) are Super Packed with everything a user needs & plenty of more functions & capabilities which you have not even considered yet ! The 2 Themes load so smoothly , that your Browser will pop out of your screen and kiss you for installing any of these 2 themes !
Now as I have stated : a simple ' browser shot ' by no means can do justice to this site - you will simply have to go there to see everything these guys offer , up close. But , I will simply give you a small preview of this magnificent theme right here , just so that you will be given enough incentive to click on the Dry Icons button and go to their site so that you can view this theme Live .


The shot does this theme no justice whatsoever , so do yourself the favor and click on the button below to see the live demo & you can thank me later .

While you are there Dry Icons.com , do your eyes the favor and have a look at everything these Super Talented guys offer , such as : Their never ending list of Web Related Icons , and their Vector Vault !! . Yes , these guys offer the most & Best Vectors I have seen - yes : FREE !

Keep in mind : The 2 Fabulous Templates being offered presently @ Dry Icons are currently compatible for Joomla , Wordpress & as a Website Template ( which means : it comes in simple HTML/CSS format ) . After viewing these themes I know what you all will be saying inside your heads , basically the same thing I said : " Aww..now why couldnt these be compatible for the Blogger Platform as well ??? Why must every good thing out there be made for Wordpress & Joomla or Drupal ? What about us Bloggers ??? " Well..what can I say at this point people ? Maybe the boys over at Dry Icons will take pitty on us poor Theme deprived Bloggers and create their Templates to be compatible with the Blogger platform as well . All we can do at this point is : Hope & Pray that within the vestiges of cyberspace , some Web designers out there will hear our prayers and create at last something for us Bloggies too !

However : there are a myriad of individuals out there such as Template Conversion Sites which perform WP to Blogger Template Conversions , and if you want any of these 2 Themes badly enough ( if the boys over @ Dry Icons will not or do not have the time to convert them yet ) you can simply try having these themes converted by one of these Online Conversion Sites . I had posted an article on some of the best WP to Blogger Conversion sites here so if you 'd like these themes converted you can try asking / putting in a request to any of the conversion sites I had listed here . Here is the link to the article >>Right here . Take a look at the Conversion sites listed and give it a shot !

Until that day arrives , keep hoping and praying , and in the meantime , head on over to Dry Icons and have a look over at everything they offer ( I am sure that you will find a plethora of things which you will find useful for all of your web related needs & wants , and keep smiling - Mootools & JQuery love you :)

Click above to go to :

{ Mia Zoe }.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beautiful Social Icons : 5 Diff. Sets | Must See !



Unique Social Icons 4 U

The following five ( 5 ) Sets of Icons are simply a must see . They are truly beautiful as I am certain you will also agree , check them out ...

Well, as I have stated : I am a Web Junkie & I love anything which spells Design with a capital " D " ! I am always searching and looking out for the best designs and I'm really happy when I stumble upon truly original design & I want to share it with you .

So, since the Social Icon Craze is rampant here within the vestiges of cyberspace , as everyone is always searching to have the very best on their pages from widgets , backgrounds , social icons etc.. I have located some truly beautiful icons for you today and I am happy to bring them to you , and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did discovering them .

The first of our Social Icons come from a very talented artist / web designer Valentina Olini and they are beautifully colored glossy RSS icons which come in png format and they measure 162px W-x-148px H ( yes , they are BIG ! ) however : you can resize them by setting the parameters of your choice . If you dont know how , please see prior post HERE explaining what you can do .

These icons are the ones featured on the main post image ; they come in 4 different brilliant colors of , lime green , orange , blue , and pink ( like the one on my header - which has been resized ) . As you can assess , they are very smooth & beautifully classy .

You can get these right here --->Photobucket

This set right here now comes from a very talented Web Designer , and you may check out his site if you wish , here Devil Cry as he has a few more icons which you may want for your iPhone or your Desktop ( Mac Dock ) , however, I am pleased to offer you the following from my own personal collection which I have from the artist : These are some truly gorgeous icons which you may find useful for your site , or your blog - I love them , and hope you will also [ see image shot below ]

You may get these right here --->Photobucket

The next set are simply two [2] RSS Icons , however , as you can see : they are truly uniquely beautiful ( again by the same artist above :Devil Cry

You may get this gorgeous set right here ---> Photobucket

Now this following set is simply awesome ! Its transparent , and it comes in both White & Black . A stunning RSS set I'm sure you will agree and will make any page with similar colors look as classy as a Cadillac ! - these will also blend in beautifully if you have Red elements in your page ( Red , Black & White are a sure shot winner, and Im sure after you see these up close you will agree that they are awesome ! ) : Also by the same artist ' Devil Cry ' .
I dont have an image to show you how beautiful these RSS icons are , so I will post them here ( there are 4 in the zip file - however : I will post the 2 of the set : The Black one & the White one . Please note : All 4 come in 2 different styles . Notice how the black one is , and notice how the white one is ; you will get 4 styles of 2 RSS icons ) & they measure 256px W -x- 256px H [ they are the exact size you see below ]*



You can get these gorgeous icons right here--->Photobucket

Now our final set ( the 5th set - my little 'X-tra' 4 you ) is yet another beautiful RSS Icon set . This is called Wax Seals Because this is exactly what it looks like : as if someone took a hot candle and tilted it onto paper and made a wax sealed stamp ! These also come in 4 beautiful colors such as Blue , Pink , Green , & Orange . *Please note : Only the Orange Wax Seal RSS has the RSS insignia stamped on it - what you can do ( if you do have an image editing software installed on your system is : You can engrave it to your liking , or if you dont have an image editing software on your system what you can do is go to an Image host such as MyTheme Online Image Editor and use one of the thousands of different fonts offered there ( or Upload your own ) and inscribe the RSS Logo on them . ( hope that helps :) Here is what they look like & I know its worth the effort to do a little extra work to inscribe an RSS on them : ( they measure 173px W -x- 155px H & what you see is what you will get ) :


I do not know who the artist /Designer behind these is , since I have had them in my collection for over 2 months now & I never bothered to bookmark the site . ( my bad :( however , you can get these beautiful Wax Seals right here --->Photobucket

Well, thats all for now . Stay tuned as I will be gathering more goodies for you right here within the days to come , so keep checking back . Until then , keep smiling , Mootools & JQuery love you , and I hope you enjoy your beautiful collection of unique RSS Icons :)

{ Mia Zoe }.

Backgrounds Etc.


The Very Best in Backgrounds on the www.

If you have been fervently searching for great backgrounds , whether for designing your web pages or a Unique Twitter Background , here is one of the Best Places to get your graphics On !...

Now as you may all know , I had recently posted an article on where to get some of the most beautiful Social Icons , in a recent post here , but I will now tell you where you can find some of the very best in Backgrounds for your web page , blog, or Twitter page .

yes, it is the same site My Site My Way , and please when you do go there , look up ( above ) on the main menu where you will see the "New Backgrounds" as well as "All Backgrounds" . There are more Backgrounds offered on My Site My Way than on any other Free or Premium for that matter Resource Site out there in cyberspace ! What is even better is : They are all beautiful ! and I know that most of you will have difficulty in choosing just 1, or 2, or 3 , - you will probably want to download each & every one of them ( and if you do have a large enough HD - then go ahead ! have yourself a party ! )

You may also want to check out Web Treats while you're there , as they offer beautiful stunning Freebie Treats . Also if you are a Web Designer , you will surely be thanking your lucky stars for their awesome Photo Shop Resources ( did I mention that theyre also FREE ? ) Yes , all of the awesome stuff @ My Site My Way is given freely ! These guys are Cyberspace Saints ! :). Now please be nice , if you do download anything from their awesome site ( which offers a plethora of the Best Freebies ) give them a Tweet & Subsrcibe to their feeds & do pass along their Fantastic site along to others ok ? It's the best way to say " Thank You "

By the way : These great people also give some of the best PSD tutorials over there , so if you want to learn how to make some of the great stuff they produce , you may want to look in on their Tutorials

Ok, now go on - run over to My Site My Way & remember to keep smiling , Mootools & JQuery love you :)

{ Mia Zoe }.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Twitter Fever !



" Tweet Tweet Tweet Me ! "

If you're looking for some beautiful Twitter Icons to enhance your page , check out these beautiful Glossy Bubble Twitter icons ...

Twitter is apparently all the craze since it's launch , and the Twitter social media craze is at it's Zenith . There are hundreds of sites offering twitter backgrounds , twitter buttons and everything Twitter related . Well, here are now some of the most beautiful Twitter Icons to surely enhance your page . They are glossy , and they measure 512px -x-512px, they are huge yes, however you can resize them to your liking of course by simply setting the appropriate width & height parameters after you download them & upload them to your own image hosting service . The author / creator site is Ben Stock , a very talented Developer & Web designer ( if you care to visit his site ) .

You can download these beautiful Icons right here--> and simply unzip the file , go to your Image hosting service , choose to upload all of the brilliant colored icons at once or choose the color of your choice. Now as far as putting your own Twitter user name on them ( as I have done on mine if you look down @ my footer under my profile ) you will simply need to download the Twitter Font which is called : Pico Font , and you can do so right here---> . Once you download the font & the Icons , and you would like to inscribe your Twitter user-name on them and you dont have PhotoShop or any other means by which to do so , you can simply use one of the Image Editors offered online for free . The best one for such a task is : My Theme Online Photo Editor . Once you upload the Icon of your choice , you can use the top drop down menu which will give you a wide list of editing tools by which to work with . Choose the Draw from the main Tab Menu & then choose Text from the sub menu . You will be taken to the text page , where you will choose the Upload feature so that you can upload your own Font . When you have done so, click on the Text tool again and you will be taken back to the editing page with your image / icon . Where you take it from there now is up to you , Happy Tweeting :) . Should you have any problem with the download links , just contact me by droppping a comment here or use the contact form button to your right . However : there should be no problem with my upload host , theyre quite reliable . Enjoy the Twitter buttons :)

Hope you have enjoyed this post , and remember to keep smiling - Mootools & Jquery love you :)

{ Mia Zoe }.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Most Powerful Online Image Editors


" Don't Have Photoshop ? You May Not Need it ! "

Whether you're an expert or a novice / beginner , some of these Free Online Image Editors possess and offer most of the function features as those so called $ Price-y $ Image Editing applications. Here are some of the best ones I have assembled for you here ....

Many of you would like to edit your images , but maybe you are not able to afford those high p-riced image editing software tools such as Adobe & Photoshop - well , dont fret , these Free Online Image Editors are powerful enough to handle any task you may have . Whether you are a professional who may be strapped for cash or just a beginner who cannot invest in a high priced editing app. Check out these Free Online Image Editors before you go out and purchase something which you may not need after all .


Truly one of the Top Best - this Editor has as many features and comes as close to Photoshop as any Image Editor possibly can . Best of all : it's Free & Online !- nothing to download . This is def one of my top choices as far as Image Editors go .

Splash Up

Splashup, formerly Fauxto, is a powerful editing tool and photo manager. With the features professionals use and novices want, it's easy to use, works in real-time and allows you to edit many images at once. Splashup runs in all browsers, integrates seamlessly with top photo-sharing sites, and even has its own file format so you can save your work in progress. This is truly one of the best , so go and give it a spin ******

Dr. Pic

An Ajax based Image Editor which will give you fast results . Has most of the necessary features one requires to get the job done as far as editing personal photos and small jobs .


Yet another great Image editor which gives you a multitude of editing options such as unlimited storage and it integrates with most of the social networks . This Editor has many of Photoshops features as well.

Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint's claim is : "release your Inner Artist and put Pablo Picasso to Shame ! " , and from the looks of this Image Editor I believe their slogan can very well hold true :) This can easily be compared to Adobe's Photoshop , and the possibilities are endless .


This is a powerful image editing tool which offers many options , works with every other image hosting service out there , so if you want to upload your images either from your computer , an online URL or from any other image hosting service where you store your images - this editor will do exactly that . I use this editor for bigger projects and it is excellent .

These are some of the Top Image Editors, and there are also a few others which are just as good if you care to give them a try and see which ones are more suited to your image / editing needs . Below you will find some of these :

***** [ Exceptional features , amongst them : online image web site image capture ! and about 5 different image editors , each one enabled with various powerful editing features - you will love this tool ! ]

Hope you will find the right image editing tool for your specific needs - the best way is to give all of them a spin and determine which one is able to handle the task you are trying to achieve. In the meantime , keep smiling , Mootools & JQuery love you :)

{ Mia Zoe }.

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