Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beautiful -Beta Like Social Icons


Be Insight-Ful !

Be-Insight broke unto the Web Scene bringing Bloggers some of the best & Originally Blogger Designed Template Themes to rival the works of those Wordpress boys over on the other side of the Bloggosphere , and if you have not seen Be-Insight's work , then you are definitely not looking in the right places or conducting the appropriate search queries ....

Be-Insight is functioned , operated and brought to you live via a very young , self taught ( yes ) very talented - no, wait- make that UBER Talented Web Designer who goes by the name of Joao [ or , as some who may know him , call him John ] .

Joao def has a passion for designing everything & anything Web related and once he does produce something , you can count that it will be Perfect from start to finish . Take his Blogger Template for example titled " DriftWood" [ Click here for Live Demo @ Joao's site ]. What I will tell you is this : When I first saw it , I was certain it was a Wordpress Template , [ Premium at that ! ] and Unavailable !

Then I took a 3rd look , and it was indeed : Available , NOT Wordpress - and better yet : Made for BLOGGER ! yes - and if you have not seen this theme yet or are using it then - you def have not been searching on the right search engine . Joao is what one can deem " A Rockin Designer " . Everything this guy designs , makes an impact & and leaves an impression for sure . Along with several of the beautifully unique templates he has created within such a short time , heads hos own Blogger Gallery site , builds Websites , and does Graphics - its a wonder how this guy finds the time , energy & imagination to create what he does . However : He does , and does it exceptionally well .

Behold now , I unveil for your viewing pleasure : Joao's new set of Social Icons which are as you can clearly assess - SpECTaCuLaR !!! I believe that many will agree with me that these Social Icons are nothing like anyone else's . They look BETA , and they are gorgeous and moreover : Uniquely Original and will most assuredly be Noticed when you implement them on your page or Blog . I know that I would surely notice them :)

Joao specifies that this awesome set comes in 6 different png size variations of :
  1. 24 px

  1. 32px

  1. 48px

  1. 128px

  1. 256px

  1. 512

Yes, they not only are beautiful , sleek and UBER KEWL , they also come in SUPER DUPER sizes for every need & personal taste. So, head on over to Joao's site and get these Unique Social Icons and be among the very first to sport them on your Blog and let everyone ask you where it is you got these Super Kool Social Icons at - and of course you can tell them Be Insight !

  • To Get these Awesome Icons Click the Download Button


Hope you have enjoyed the unveiling of these awesome looking Social Icons by the very talented Joao & Be-Insight & please when you do head over to his site , and you download these or the simply Spectacular " Driftwood Theme " , make sure to bookmark Joao's site & drop a comment saying thank you ok ? The guy works hard to bring all of you these beautiful creations free of use , a simple thank you is no big effort on your part . Be Nice , Be-Insight :) Now go and have fun with your new Uber Icons and say thanx to Joao for creating them . Smile :) Catch you here next time with more new & exciting goodies for your web & blog related needs .

{ Mia Zoe }.

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