Thursday, September 3, 2009

Onyx Vista Wallpapers


Colorful Wood Grain Wallpapers

Create a new Web Page or Blog with these fabulous Colored Wood Grain Wallpapers !
These are simply the best colored woodgrain Wallpapers you will see ..

Have you been looking for Wood grain backgrounds for a Web page or a Blog ? well have a look at these stunning Wood Grain backgrounds created by talented artist Dries Amine.

These come in 7 beautiful color variations as you can see , and one is just more beautiful than the next . Hope you will enjoy using them , no attribution is required by their creator . Just as long as you do not download them , imprint your own logo/ name and claim them as your own - which is not very 'kewl '. Download & enjoy creating your next project .

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Hope you have enjoyed this article & will enjoy these Wallpapers even more . Stay tuned as more Web Goodies are coming up . Keep smiling :)
{ Mia Zoe }.

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