Monday, August 10, 2009

BloggerLuxe Now !

" For Original Blogger Template Designers "

If you are a Blogger Template Designer and you haven't gotten on the BloggerLuxe Site, you are apparently missing the bus !

There is a Wordpress Gallery of templates , there are thousands of Wordpress template designs/ templates , as well as Wordpress Designers out there - but what about Blogger ? Now as all of you Bloggers of the Blogspot Platform are aware of , most of the templates which most of you have on your profiles are in fact : Wordpress Themes converted to Blogger . This is fine and good , since Wordpress can be credited with having some of the best themes out there in the cybersphere - and yes , they are beautiful , and yes , Wordpress is the best Blogging Platform . However : Most people have trouble installing a simple CSS/XHTML/HTML template , let alone attempting to install & delve into more complex language such as PHP & MySQL, FTP clients, Servers, and various plug-ins which all involve and pertain to the Wordpress Platform . Yes, Wordpress is a complex platform for many of us who are not familiar with PHP & the rest .
These setbacks have forced many who wish to run or develop a Blog to resort to using other platforms out there , such as : The Blogger / Blogspot Platform .

Now , believe me - there is nothing wrong with Blogger / Blogspot , on the contrary : I myself prefer it over Wordpress ( and not only because I have no knowledge of PHP ) , but simply because I feel it is more "User Friendly" and I believe that it does possess as many ( if not all ) features as the Wordpress Platform , which are much easier & simpler to incorporate & use .

The only minor setback which Blogger seems to have at the moment is the fact that : there are no Web designers out there who are designing templates for the Blogger Platform , aside from maybe one or two , maybe even 3 . Every Blogger who wants to use a Blogger Blogspot Blog , has to resort to using a Wordpress theme which has been converted to Blogger , or some even go as far as to pay a Web Designer to have one designed or converted for them . This makes for some unhappy Bloggers , as many don't like the fact of having to actually " pay for a template " . However , what I will tell most of you is this : Designing a Template , coding it , & structuring it perfectly is quite a difficult task - as Web Designing is not as easy as some of you would like to think . You all see a beautiful Finished Product when you look at a template , but if you bother going into your HTML Edit and look carefully at the CSS & the coding ( structure ) , you will soon realize that the beautiful finished product which you are viewing is not so simple after all - and that it required much work , skill & effort on the Designers part . Therefore , dont be so quick to begrudge some Designers for charging or for requesting that you make a Donation to them for their services of Converting a Template for you . No one works for free - do you ?

Now there are many Blogger Gallery Template Sites out there , who specialize in Wordpress to Blogger Conversions , and all of them are run by very talented individuals who are very skilled at converting the difficult PHP language format extensions into XHTML format and giving you a finished product of a Wordpress to Blogger version Template . Some of these skilled individuals are :

* These are just but a few of the sites which offer WP to Blogger Conversions , there are many more far too many to list here , however I am just listing some of the very good ones for you , if Wordpress themes are your thing :)

However , many of you may not know that there also exist some greatly talented Blogger Template / Theme Designers out there in the Bloggersphere - and if you have never heard of them , here they are , and you may want to visit their site and choose an Original Blogger Designed Theme before you go in search of a Wordpress converted to Blogger theme :

  • Cheth Studios
  • [ Simply Awesome Design ! ]
  • [ Joao - Exceptional Original Blogger Designer ]
  • Dante Araujo
  • [ This guy has skills ! ]
  • Zixpk
  • [ Awesome Original Blogger Templates ! ]
  • BloggerStop
  • [ Divya is a great Blogger Original template Designer on the rise ]

The above mentioned designers are very limited in number , however they definitely possess as much skill & talent as most of the Wordpress Designers out there . The problem is : Not many Blogger users Know of them yet . I would like at this point to inform all of these Talented Original Blogger designers to head on over to BloggerLuxe , which is a newly erected site with the intent of Hosting Originally designed Blogs & Blogger Designed template Themes in a gallery style format for other users to vote on and look upon. I believe that this is a great concept for the Blogger platform as well as the Blogspot Community , and definitely one which has been long overdue in my opinion. For years now , Wordpress has been gaining the exposure it has due to the fact that all of the Web Designers out there designing for the WP platform seem to band together in support of the WP Platform . The time has come now for all of you Original Blogger template Designers to start your own showcasing of your Themes / Works . Now if you have not heard of Blogger Luxe yet , it is quite new , and it has been put up by Cheth over at Cheth Studios . His idea is a great concept and as Cheth is quite the innovator behind some truly great platforms / themes , this is simply just another of his great ideas , and Blogger Luxe will soon be gaining much noteriety !

Please head on over to BloggerLuxe and submit your originally designed Blog Theme now , so that other users who visit BloggerLuxe may discover your work & YOU ! I would also like to urge all of you Original Blogger Template designers , to continue designing more Blogger Templates for the Blogger Platform so that your work / designs will become widely known as well as you gaining more fame as a Web designer .

* The great Pablo Picasso had once been noted saying that :" Good Designers copy , Great Designers Steal ! "

I really don't wish to believe in this , and prefer to rest within the thought that if one is truly a great designer , they have no need to emulate nor steal from another artist , but rather possess enough ingenuity and imagination to create something entirely & originally their own , and from what I have been able to see from these very few Blogger Designers , they do possess their very own style and originality as far as being able to create beautifully structured Themes all on their own without having to resort to Stealing from anyone else , and I hope that they will all continue designing and creating great impressive Templates for the Blogger platform . Good luck to all of you and I hope to see all of you featured on BloggerLuxe soon ! :)

{ Mia Zoe }.


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