Saturday, August 22, 2009

Backgrounds Etc.

The Very Best in Backgrounds on the www.

If you have been fervently searching for great backgrounds , whether for designing your web pages or a Unique Twitter Background , here is one of the Best Places to get your graphics On !...

Now as you may all know , I had recently posted an article on where to get some of the most beautiful Social Icons , in a recent post here , but I will now tell you where you can find some of the very best in Backgrounds for your web page , blog, or Twitter page .

yes, it is the same site My Site My Way , and please when you do go there , look up ( above ) on the main menu where you will see the "New Backgrounds" as well as "All Backgrounds" . There are more Backgrounds offered on My Site My Way than on any other Free or Premium for that matter Resource Site out there in cyberspace ! What is even better is : They are all beautiful ! and I know that most of you will have difficulty in choosing just 1, or 2, or 3 , - you will probably want to download each & every one of them ( and if you do have a large enough HD - then go ahead ! have yourself a party ! )

You may also want to check out Web Treats while you're there , as they offer beautiful stunning Freebie Treats . Also if you are a Web Designer , you will surely be thanking your lucky stars for their awesome Photo Shop Resources ( did I mention that theyre also FREE ? ) Yes , all of the awesome stuff @ My Site My Way is given freely ! These guys are Cyberspace Saints ! :). Now please be nice , if you do download anything from their awesome site ( which offers a plethora of the Best Freebies ) give them a Tweet & Subsrcibe to their feeds & do pass along their Fantastic site along to others ok ? It's the best way to say " Thank You "

By the way : These great people also give some of the best PSD tutorials over there , so if you want to learn how to make some of the great stuff they produce , you may want to look in on their Tutorials

Ok, now go on - run over to My Site My Way & remember to keep smiling , Mootools & JQuery love you :)

{ Mia Zoe }.


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