Thursday, August 6, 2009

Using Flash Media as Your Background

Flashing your Web Page !

Flash websites are constantly on the rise , which makes for some pretty amazing sites . However , you don't necessarily have to be an expert Web Designer to create a Flash based website . There are alternatives which may work just as well ....

When I built my first website , it was Flash based, yes I will not deny it . What I will add to this however is : It took me about 1 week ! . Sure it came out pretty great ( if I do say so myself - although , it is strictly a website for pure Entertainment purposes ) ; and it was my first web creation , with very little HTML knowledge at that ( not that I possess more at this point , but for a beginner , I think it came out pretty good :) you can see for yourself and judge if it is worthy Here .

However , there is a much simpler way of producing a Flash-like page , though not entirely Flash based as the website which I had created , by simply using a SWF Object instead . I came across a great example tutorial ( open resource ) by the great Andrew Sellick [ for those of you who know Sellick , he is the man who developed that awesome Mootools Fancy Sliding Tab Menu & the Slide out Sidebar Menu , if you have never seen it in action , it is definitely a must see , I love it - its a great space saver & doesnt clutter up your page , check it out Right Here.

Now Andrew gives yet another great example of how to use a SWF Object as your main background . I dont know how many of you ou there prefer Flash enabled websites or Blogs for that matter , however : for those of you who have been searching to create a Flash content page on the Blogger platform , this may very well end up being the solution for you . Here is the tutorial page at Andrew
and here is an example of using a SWF object here . Please note * you can set the width & height for your swf object & it can be any type of object as long as it is .SWF

Andrew Sellick has many tutorials on just about everything , so you may want to have a look at some of the other great things he's done . Enjoy your time there and I hope this will help any of you who may want to use Flash type content for your page design without too much fuss .

{ Mia Zoe }.


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