Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Best Social Media Icons

If you've been desperately searching for Social Media Icons & other icons in general - you can stop searching now .....

The Best Social Media Icons are at : Royalty Free Icons & Clipart Stock Images ~ Icons Etc. yep ! there you go :)

This place has more icons than one knows what to do with - and the best part is : They're all FREE !!! , and the other great part is : These guys over at MySite MyWay , keep putting out New Icons every other day ! . It is literally an Online Button Candy Shop , where once you get there and begin looking at all of the icons they've got , you'll end up wanting to download all of them ! [ and if youre a Web designer , that would be an excellent idea on your part :) - if your HD is large enough -]

However , you will not be disappointed at what is readily available over at MySite MyWay at the moment . Keep checking back occasionally as their new Oven Fresh batch of Buttons should be coming out again any day again now .

Enjoy , and get as many as you want - yea theyre FREE !!!
Smile, Mootools & JQuery Love you :)

{ Mia Zoe }.


Insight said...

I have a huge collection of all kind of icons you can imagine, I just love icons. Thanks for sharing! Great design.

Mia Zoe said...

I can only imagine Joao ! and now your collection just got bigger! :) Enjoy

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